Identity Cloud

Key Use Cases for Identity Cloud


Modernize and consolidate CIAM infrastructure

Modernizing, consolidating and streamlining existing, often homegrown CIAM systems is a key initiative for a large number of organizations. Akamai Identity Cloud has significant advantages over the resulting systems from in-house IT departments, from global availability and scale to guaranteed SLAs and security certifications. The competency, resources, and ongoing research and development that come with utilizing Akamai means that client IT teams can focus efforts on other key business initiatives.

Enhance customer engagement, trust and experiences

Enhancing customer engagement, trust and experiences, and reaping the associated business benefits is a key initiative for a large number of organizations. The value of customer profile data that is linked to customer identities has grown dramatically and is now a crucial success factor for many companies. It forms the foundation for analyzing, understanding, and predicting consumer behavior and customer journeys from first contact to purchase decisions and long-term brand loyalty.

Ensure customer data privacy and consent management

Akamai Identity Cloud ensures customer data remains private with security capabilities that include scoped access to customer profiles based on role or attributes. AIC is compliant across all five SOC 2 Type 2 areas, is TRUSTe privacy certified, CSA Star Level 2 Certified. In addition, AIC enables businesses to be compliant with GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, and other regional consumer data protection regulations which require brands to track and understand the data they collect and to grant customers the right to view, modify, and revoke consent at any time. 

Build scalable apps with scalable identity

For brands that put identity first, Akamai Identity Cloud empowers fast-to-deploy single sign-on (SSO), registration, authentication, and preference management. Identity Cloud enables centralized profile access management on a flexible SaaS platform built to scale, perform, and comply with regulatory requirements around the world. It can handle complex consumer-facing use cases with millions of users. Clients can significantly reduce TTM and TCO with fast-to-deploy hosted login and registration, with a fully customizable UX.

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