Image optimization, automated.

Simply put, Image Manager makes life easier for developers in a number of different ways. For starters, you can create and deliver any variant image you need with a simple change of URL. These variants include changes in size parameters, background color changes, and more. That means developers no longer have to rely on multiple admin UIs or other inefficient methods.

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Image Manager comes out of the box ready to do everything developers need to do with images to deliver a great web experience. Specifically, here are four Image Manager capabilities that are especially popular with developers:

Get creative with images via code

With Image Manager, you can chain together transformations on-the-fly with Query String Parameters (QSPs) and be as creative as you want to be with images using code. You can easily crop images, turn on grayscale, apply watermarks and more, all at the code level.

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Now in Beta Optimize and deliver your videos with Akamai Image Manager

Video content can greatly enhance your user’s experience, but it also can cause complications with the performance of your website. Now in beta, the newest version of Akamai Image Manager allows you to delivery high-quality, short-form video without worrying about byte size or bloated page or app weight. Just save your video (up to five minutes in length) at origin and then let Image Manager do the work, automatically creating and delivering a derivative video with the correct bit-rates, resolutions, and formats based on the user’s device.

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Simplify the process of responsive web design (RWD)

The innate complexities associated with RWD can make it a hassle to write logic that will send out the right image to the right end user. Image Manager solves this problem by automating optimal image delivery (e.g., auto-converting formats based on device, browser and/or OS) so that developers can focus on more critical tasks.

Easy-to-implement media viewer

With Image Manager's newly released media viewer, developers get a simplified viewer implementation that means one less hassle. In addition, images are automatically optimized within the viewer, and it's easily customizable so you can fine-tune it for your needs, further streamlining life for developers.

Roll over the image to see Image Manager magnification in action.

Exclusive perceptual-quality algorithm

Image Manager includes a built-in perceptual quality algorithm that means developers no longer need to worry about setting image-level quality. By automatically optimizing images (and video, in beta) for maximum perceived quality with minimum image or video weight, the algorithm lets developers relax knowing that images and videos will be delivered at a specified quality that’s optimal for end users.


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Drag the slider to see Image Manager optimization in action. Try it on other devices to see how optimization adapts.

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