Intelligent Performance Automation

Automate Your Site and App Performance

Ion is Akamai’s performance solution for delivering fast, high quality, and consistent web and app experiences. Ion continuously monitors real user behavior in order to apply best practice performance optimizations automatically and adapt in real-time to changes in content, user behavior, and connectivity. 

Ion comes DevOps-ready, so you can seamlessly build, configure and automate your workflows, integrate with your current solutions, and improve productivity along with greater performance for your websites and apps.

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Automate Your Performance Optimizations with Real User Data

Ion’s Adaptive Acceleration continuously learns from real-user data from mPulse to automatically apply performance optimizations to your website with minimal development effort. 

Adaptive Acceleration enables you to improve your performance configuration at the edge:

Learn how you can get better optimizations for Adaptive Acceleration using Akamai’s CLI:



Manage the Impact of Third-party Scripts

On average 61% of desktop and 68% of mobile content comes from 3rd party domains, which are outside of your control.

You can reduce the impact of third-party scripts and avoid costly outages via Ion’s Script Management. Script Management enables developers to manage, detect, and fix unresponsive or lagging third-party scripts quickly by allowing you to set up an automated system to respond to poor third-party script performance - without making site changes. 

Improve performance on pages with Script Management by:

  • Creating rules within the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform to monitor the performance of third-party content
  • Configuring custom thresholds for your properties
  • Automatically block or asynchronously load third-party scripts, when they exceed threshold
  • Setting up automatic detections and notifications for events that affect your properties
Script Managment

Learn how to manage 3rd party scripts to improve performance: 



Deliver Lighter and Faster Site and App Experiences

Developers often have to weigh adding rich and dynamic content to a website or app against longer load times. Ion provides edge capabilities  that allow you to get the best of rich content and fast load times. You can configure performance optimizations on critical page resources across browsers and devices in order to meet the needs of your specific properties - all without having to skimp on user experience.

Maintain rich user experiences and excellent performance at the Edge with: 

  • Prefetching

  • Advanced caching

  • Automated compression (gzip and Brotli) on the server-side

  • Browser-specific optimizations


Maintain Agility and Reliability, and Control Costs Across Multi-cloud Environments

Whether your workloads are located on-premise, in the cloud, spread across multiple origins or in the process of migrating, you can customize Ion to cover your specific needs. We provide you with the flexibility to manage your content and workloads where you need them - while maintaining uptime and performance for your site or app.

Ion allows you to ensure great performance across your environments with the following features:

  • Cloud Access Manager
    Securely manage origin authentication keys across different cloud providers using. 
  • Google Cloud Interconnect
    Connect to GCP directly and save on cloud egress fees. 
  • Site Failover
    Maintain uptime by retrieving content from an alternative origin location when the original location can’t be reached.
  • Path and Query String Conditions
    Simplify which origin location to request content from using configurable rules including URL paths, query-strings, end user location, network provider or type or device characteristics


Manage Your Content at the Edge

Utilize the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform to personalize and update content on your site or app quickly.

Choose from a number of tools and resources that put control in the hands of development teams.


Discover Optimization Opportunities Using Real User Monitoring

Akamai mPulse - which can be activated in minutes without having to inject a JavaScript beacon in your application server - is an intelligent real-user monitoring (RUM) tool that helps you monitor and optimize your website based on data gathered from your site. 

mPulse captures a variety of insightful data including: 

  • Demographic information
    Collect data on user location and device type.

  • Performance metrics
    Get insight into connection type and time to interact.

  • Engagement metrics
    View bounce and conversion rates.





These insights help you and your team members identify the root cause of latencies and understand their impact down to object-level detail so you can efficiently find and fix performance bottlenecks. mPulse Lite is included with Ion and can be upgraded to the full version of mPulse for more customized and robust data analysis.


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