Intelligent Performance Automation

Ion Use Cases

Ion provides an easy way to manage and improve performance. Below, we've listed Ion's major use cases and benefits.



Use Case



Forward client GEO location

Add client geolocation information on requests to the origin

Collect client geolocation without running code or location services  on the client’s device 

Forward client device information

Add client device information on requests to the origin

You don't need to run code on the client or origin to parse the user-agent string into device buckets

Basic site failover

Pull content from a different origin when the origin can’t be reached

Increase the availability of non-cached content when servers can’t connect to the origin

Dynamic A/B testing

Test different experiences by getting content from different origins on per-request conditions

Create a flexible workflow for A/B testing based on a set of rules defined within the Akamai platform

Web site consolidation

Consolidate multiple micro-services that run on different clouds into a single site

Easily migrate a to a microservice architecture

Resource optimization

Use different compression methods for objects depending on client support

Provide Zopfli/Brotli/Gzip compression depending on what’s supported by the end user’s device

Script management

Defer loading of slow performance scripts

Automatically defer or block scripts that take a long time to load (i.e. 3rd party scripts that don't use a CDN)

Real user monitoring

Automatically capture real user metrics

Capture and display end user performance beacons in minutes without having to add JavaScript beacons, or implement visualization reports/dashboards

Browser loading optimizations

Use HTTP/2 server push or font preload to improve load time

Maximize browser optimizations without having to research and implement code

HSTS & HTTP > HTTPS redirect

Perform HTTP to HTTPS redirect and HSTS header inclusion at the edge

Avoid implementing this additional functionality at origin 

Site token security

Enforce header or cookie authentication

Authorize access to content at the edge (i.e. to restrict access to videos residing on a cloud storage) a


Issue HTTP Redirects at the Edge (i.e. vanity URLs like marketing campaigns)

Generate redirects at the edge that load faster and don’t require changes on the origin side 

Offload popular assets to a Cloud Storage

Offload static and large assets to Akamai NetStorage

Reduce origin bandwidth and CPU by offloading popular and static assets to a cloud Storage 

Timed content release

Schedule server-side rules that execute within a given timeframe 

Ensure the availability of content by scheduling a file to be automatically released on a specific date/time