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How BAMTECH Media Delivers 50,000 Live Events via APIs

As key players in the OTT market, BAMTech Media distributes over 50,000 live events annually. As BAM continues to add more partners and deliver larger events, Akamai technology and team have become an integral part of BAM”s delivery process. Leveraging the latest Akamai APIs, a template-driven provisioning process and iterative configuration enhancements, BAM is able to deliver an optimized experience to the end user on a consistent basis by employing the concept of a “Golden Configuration.”

The goal of this session is to explore, the critical factors which enable BAM to deliver direct-to-consumer live streaming services at scale for a growing roster of sports, news, and entertainment partners. Our focus will revolve around two key success factors instrumental in scaling of BAM live events and evolution of their cloud strategy for streaming. Those factors are:

  • Standardization (through development of BAM “Golden” Config)
  • API Provisioning (Akamai configurations & workflows)

We”ll take you through the actual Akamai delivery rules & variables used; even walk you through the custom tools we built as part of a live demo.

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