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Bot Manager + Cloudlet Strengthen Mitigation Capability

As bot traffic is getting smarter and mutating faster, prompt mitigation is now more necessary than ever. After successfully detecting bot traffic via Akamai Bot Manager’s pattern- and behavior-based intelligence, the challenge quickly shifts to mitigation. Consider the case of traffic that appears normal—but suddenly shifts to bot-like behavior, pulling data and crawling your entire site. Instant mitigation is needed to deny or slow down the bot traffic in order to protect your business and minimize the impact on real customers. In this session, we’ll explore how Akamai Bot Manager can be paired with Phased Release Cloudlet to achieve dynamic and nearly instant bot-traffic mitigation. We’ll demo and share how Bot Manager and Cloudlet work together, seamlessly leveraging Cloudlet’s fast propagation mechanism and API-friendly characteristics on top of Bot Manager’s intelligent detection capability.

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