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Faster Bytes Is Not Always Enough—Why Is The Web Slow? (And What Can We Do About It)

CDNs are very good at passing bytes along from one end of the planet to another as fast as possible. Unfortunately, that’s not always enough to make sure users perceive their experience as “fast” when they are loading your website. So, how do users perceive web performance? What does a browser do when it loads a page? And what makes a web page “fast”? In this talk, we’ll go over the various processing modes that a browser goes through when it loads web pages and explain the connection between the various networking protocols and web performance as perceived by the user. We’ll talk about the different metrics we use at Akamai when measuring the performance of a page, and discuss how changes in the web’s content layer are impacting those metrics and the user experience. Finally, we’ll detail what the different Akamai web performance products are doing to remedy this situation and make our customer sites even faster.

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