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Learn How Genesys Leverages Akamai and AWS to Deliver Superior Customer Engagement

Superior customer engagement differentiates great businesses from the rest. As the world’s #1 customer-engagement platform, Genesys delivers an exceptional omni-channel experience by seamlessly connecting support agents with the end customer. In this session you’ll learn how Genesys enables these business-critical connections by leveraging AWS and Akamai solutions. You’ll explore how Akamai’s Application Load Balancer Cloudlet is used to manage and efficiently route regional traffic to one of many origins based on numerous factors. This solution helps provide the ability to programmatically connect customer service experts to geo-specific Genesys products and services. You’ll also discover how Genesys has partnered with Akamai to automatically fail traffic over to a healthy region while still providing an intact, seamless session. Since this is done in a matter of seconds, there is no impact to the customer experience. And you’ll hear about additional benefits of the ALB cloudlet, such as cost reduction, the ability to provide a localized experience, DR solutions and the ability to support active/active environments, as well as liveness and uptime analysis for critical services.

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