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Live Streaming—Best Practices and Troubleshooting

It’s not always sites with obvious performance problems that can benefit from Akamai. is the world’s largest scale-modeling website, and ever since its launch was a well-tuned website with solid performance scores. But its global user experience was less than ideal, challenged by a high amount of uncacheable, dynamic and long-tail content. In this session, you’ll hear from Scalemates to learn how they first developed best practices for Luna monitoring to provide highly granular visibility into the impact of tuning efforts. You’ll then see how they tuned effectively for performance, offload and operational efficiency in a DevOps model, addressing advanced approaches for offloading super-dynamic content (when is it better not to cache?), implementing more than 1 million responsive images of high quality, optimizing for third-party content, and tuning performance and flow end-to-end, from client to edge to origin. This will be a technical discussion sharing a number of best practices to help you reach performance goals and get the most out of your Akamai solution.

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