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Provision Your Own Apple TV channel with MSL 4.x

The many OTT technologies can seem like a patchwork of confusing jargon and acronyms. There is probably no better way to demystify them than by creating your own broadcasting station to deliver your streams globally. Join this lab session to get hands-on with Media Services Live 4.x.—and roll up your sleeves to establish your own OTT TV station! You’ll capture high-definition video from your Facetime camera, ingest live streams in a fast and furious manner with Akamai’s Ingest Acceleration Source (IAS), configure MSL 4.x for low-latency global delivery, and finally play back the low-latency HD stream on Apple TV. By the end of the session, you’ll have your own OTT TV station up and running, serving potentially millions of global viewers with the scalability of the Akamai platform.

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