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SOCC Mitigation Front Lines—it’s War

Threats are everywhere you look on today’s Internet, and Akamai’s Security Operations Control Center (SOCC) is literally on the front lines of the battle to protect our customers and rapidly mitigate threats. In this hands-on session, you’ll learn about current trends and the latest mitigation strategies. And not just for botnet or DDoS mitigation. This session is intended for admins and partners who self-mitigate typical attacks on their websites, API’s or apps on ports 80/443. So bring your laptops and click along on the Akamai web portal. We’ll start by covering the “state of the union” today—the latest attacks, monetized data, state actors, and other threats. Then we’ll look at Akamai web portal strategies (ION, Bot Manager, Kona, Security Monitor, and Security Center) before discussing the merits of quick responses versus longer-term strategic responses. Finally, we’ll look at strategies for long-term resiliency—partnerships, education, and “staying in the battle.” This session will go lighter on theory and heavier on real-world, role-based response using Akamai tools: where to click and how to do it as quickly as possible for maximum impact.

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