Sessions and Presentations

The Resize Surprise

Your visitors switch seamlessly between using smartphones, laptops with “retina” displays and tablet computers. And they expect your images to look good and load fast no matter what device they use. The result? You could be resizing every image more than ten times to meet those expectations! What seems like the simple task of scaling an image actually involves processing that results in many image bytes being thrown away. And different tools will do things differently, so it is important to understand what effect various options can have on the quality, color and structure of your images. The results can be disappointing, especially when high-fidelity images are required. In this session, we will review the outputs of common resizing techniques including browser resizing, desktop imaging tools, and Image Manager. After showing the difference in output from each technique, we’ll reveal how changes in various resizing settings can help create the perfect output for your images.

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