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Akamai Developer is the new developer program and community for the leading content delivery network (CDN) service for media and software delivery, and cloud security solutions. Built by developers for developers, Akamai Developer will keep you up-to-date on the latest news and updates about our services, tools, and programs as well as a chance to connect with thousands of other Akamai developers building next-generation websites and mobile apps.



SDK Launch

We offer a growing list of SDKs to make it easy for developers to add new capabilities to applications that harness the power of the Akamai platform.

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Variable Support in PAPI

Property Manager Variables extend a familiar programming metaphor, giving you control and flexibility of Property Manager’s rules, criteria and behaviors. Automate redirects, forward path rewrites, HTTP header and cookie manipulation. Simplify configurations, and move origin functionality to the edge.

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Featured Session

Roadmap Session

Speaker: Corey Scobie, VP of Open Platform and Product Experience, Akamai

In this roadmap session, VP of Open Platform and Product Experience, Corey Scobie, will share all the latest innovations in the Open Platform as well as Akamai’s new approach to building product experience and connecting with developers.

Developer Sessions

Your Hero Images Need You!

Speaker: Tobias Baldauf, Akamai

Images have a high correlation to page load time. Optimizing image delivery through compression alone is a daunting task. Using HTTP2's superpowers, we can optimize images to ship faster, increasing the perceived performance and initiating users' emotional responses to visuals earlier. HTTP2-powered image delivery leads to lower bounce rates and higher conversions.

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Promise of Push

Speaker: Colin Bendell, Akamai

HTTP/2 Push is hotly anticipated to help with web performance. In this talk we dig into how Push works, how to test and what you need to know when building apps with Push.

Irresistible APIs

Speaker: Kirsten Hunter, Akamai

When creating a new REST platform, the planning process frequently gets skipped (or is misunderstood) resulting in an ill-conceived API. I’ll walk you through the steps needed to create an API that developers love, and point out the common traps to avoid.

What Slows You Down? Your Network or Your Device?

Speaker: Moritz Steiner, Akamai

For many years we have concentrated on back-end and network latency and ignored the processing time on the user device. Today, we spent most time on small mobile devices, compared to laptops they’re underpowered and web performance suffers. While handheld devices get more powerful, web pages get more and more complex. Especially the usage of javascript libraries and css framworks is very computational expensive. Based on data from real users, we quantify the relative importance of network and device for web performance. We also benchmark mobile devices and correlate their power to the web performance they achieve.

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Pages That Pop, Through Layered Cache Techniques

Speaker: Martin Flack, Akamai

A survey of techniques for fast-loading pages, challenging the traditional classification of simple cacheability. Using cached base pages and structural assets, dynamic page assembly, AJAX fill-ins, and leveraging new techniques such as Fast and H2 Push, make your site “pop” onto screens small and large. We will discuss organizing files and data for cacheability; personalization vs freshness as two driving factors that traditionally preclude caching, and how Fast Purge changes this paradigm; how using AJAX fill-ins or ESI at the Edge can save pages polluted with dynamic elements; and using EdgeStart to boost fully-personalized pages. We will also touch on updating pages that are already loaded, discussing AJAX polling and introducing the concept of WebSockets.

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Taking Back Control Over 3rd Party Content

Speaker: Yoav Weiss, Akamai

Our love-hate relationship with 3rd parties have taken a turn for the worse. While they often pay the bills, HTTP/2 means they’re more of a performance burden, ad blockers mean users have had enough, and projects like Google AMP mean that embedders feel the same. How can we gain back control of our sites? Let’s discuss mitigation tactics as well as a long term plan to restore sanity!

The Future of Browsers

Speakers: Colin Bendell, Akamai; Ilya Grigorik, Google; Todd Reifsteck, Microsoft; Ada Rose Edwards, Samsung
Developer Marketing at Akamai Technologies

Roundtable discussion with some of today's leading web performance experts on the future of web browsers.

Measuring What Matters

Speakers: Cliff Crocker, Akamai; Buddy Brewer, SOASTA

Metrics are everywhere! We’ve done a great job of keeping pace with measuring the output of our applications, but how are we doing with measuring what really matters? This talk will explore the various metrics available to application owners today, highlight what’s coming tomorrow and level-set on the relative importance as it relates to the user experience.

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Performance APIs and You

Speaker: Yoav Weiss, Akamai

New proposed standards are coming to a browser near you. IT will help make your life simpler to develop new sites and offer more functionality.

Creating a Secure and Optimal Site with Service Workers and Other Front-end Techniques

Speakers: Sonia Burney and Sabrina Burney, Akamai

The challenge of maintaining a secure site is typically prioritized over creating a fast and optimal site, because of the focus on blocking malicious traffic at the origin. It is often forgotten that security is not only a concern at the origin, but also at the browser. And with that, there are new opportunities to safely secure the user experience while also optimizing the front-end experience.

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Connecting the World with IPv6

Speaker: Paul Saab, Facebook

In this session, Facebook's Paul Saab will walk through Paul's performance improvement numbers and the performance and scale benefits that customers can achieve by leveraging IPv6.

IPv6 Is Here: The Future Is Now

Speaker: Erik Nygren, Akamai

Mobile operators are increasingly shifting to IPv6 - especially in the United States. What does this mean for your web sites' and applications' performance? And how can Akamai help? In this session we'll go over the importance of dual-stacking, and discuss specific customer experiences with enabling IPv6 content via Akamai. This session is part one of a two part session with Facebook's Paul Saab.

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Inside Akamai: Automating H2 Push

Speaker: Craig Conboy, Akamai

HTTP/2 Push is a shiny new tool in the toolbox of web acceleration techniques. With any new tool, it's always a good idea to read the manual first to avoid losing a finger. This talk digs into how Akamai is automating the challenges of H2Push to do the job right.

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Keeping TLS Secure

Speaker: David Kaufman, Akamai

Learn how the Akamai secure CDN ensures that it always serves the content that you intended. In this presentation David Kaufman will break down the secure CDN into three zones – Origin, Midgress, and Origin (as well as data at rest), and discuss how to manage your TLS configuration throughout to keep your content secure.

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Solving Everyday Problems with Next Generation Mapping

Speaker: Liz Borowsky, Akamai

In this session we look under the covers of Akamai’s Mapping system to show how data and control combine to improve performance across the internet, in local geographies, and in mobile networks.

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Hold Until Told

Speaker: Tejinder Singh, Akamai

Caching previously uncached content and increasing TTLs lowers your infrastructure expenses and greatly improves performance. In this session, you will learn how to leverage Fast Purge to cache often-changing content you avoided caching in the past, while always serving fresh content to your end users. With Fast Purge, you can now cache full product catalogs, news stories, and API feeds almost indefinitely. We will also unveil our soon-to-launch Content Tagging feature, which enables simple and powerful Fast-Purging of related content.

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ACME - Let's Encrypt Your Origin

Speaker: Stephen Ludin, Akamai

Let’s Encrypt, the non-profit Certificate Authority run by the Internet Security Research Group went into a public beta last fall and general availability this past April. Since then they have already issued over five million certificates making them one of the largest CAs on the planet. Akamai makes it easy to use an LE cert on your customer facing site, but what is involved in obtaining a certificate for your origin or your home site? See a live demo of requesting, validating, and installing a Let’s Encrypt cert. For the remaining 59 minutes we will discuss the ACME protocol which is the API that powers Let’s Encrypt, tools that are available to obtain and managed you certificate, and libraries that make it easy for you to write your own tools.

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Barbarians at the Gate(way)

Speaker: Dave Lewis, Akamai

This talk will examine the tools, methods and data behind the DDoS attacks that are prevalent in the news headlines and the impacts they can have on companies. I will look at the motivations and rationale that they have and try to share some sort of understanding as to what patterns to be aware of for their own protection.

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Can Webpagetest Be Trusted?

Speaker: Colin Bendell, Akamai is the de-facto benchmark to measure website performance. However, the many testing options it offers can significantly impact its results, and it has become challenging to decide which ones to use. Based on real-life measurements of popular websites, this presentation explores its repeatability and relevance to help its users define Webpagetest settings that best meet their needs.

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DevOps Automation: Akamai & Jenkins

Speaker: Colin Bendell, Akamai

Continuous Integration and Continuous Build are essential systems with Devops. This talk walks through how to use the Property Manager API to automate continuous inetgration and continuous deployment workflows using Jenkins.

H2 in the Real World

Speaker: Michael Gooding, Akamai

H2 is about a year old and in this talk we will share our experiences from the last 12 months, including: # Case studies to see how performance can be improved over h2 as a turnkey solution, while also addressing backward compatibility # Using RUM data to review performance-related observations of customers after switching to h2 # Hands-on demos of h2 with server push, and h2 + QUIC.

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