Launching the Application

Launch the Identity Management Application

NOTE: If this application doesn’t load, then you may not have permission to manage API authorizations. In order to use the OPEN API Administration application, your Luna Control Center account needs to have the Admin role. Please contact your local administrator to be granted this permission.

Manage API Access

The main Manage API Access screen shows all the Users in the account. From this screen you will choose the user to create an API credential for. Select New API Client for Me to create credentials using the logged-in user.


To create a credential for a different user, click the gear at the right of the row with that user and select New API Client for this User.

NOTE: During step 2 of the next section, you need to select Diagnostic Tools as the API and READ-ONLY for the checkbox.

Creating a New API Client

1) Once you have opened the Create New API window, a screen appears to select group permissions for the credential you are creating. To retain the same permissions as the current user, click Next.

2) On the following screen, you need to select the API or APIs that you want the credential to access.


Once you’ve finished setting up the credentials, it’s easy to setup up the authorizations needed to make API calls.

Click New Credential to finish the authorization process.

From the New Credential Client Secret screen you can copy the credentials to your clipboard or download the credentials as a file.

Download the file onto your disk. If you are running with a Docker installation, copy the credentials to your local system.

Copy your credentials to the clipboard and move on to the next steps in the tutorial.

What’s Next