The Akamai Intelligent Platform™ provides a global time reference service, available at The service returns standard time responses as a Unix time string, an ISO 8601 time string, or an XML response. The XML response includes an optional estimate of the RTT between client and server. This time source provides a reliable time reference for any MPEG-DASH client, for which an accurate clock is a necessity for playback of live content.

This service is not NTP accurate, but is accurate enough that any client with GET capability could synch within 0.5 seconds of the true time.


  • A valid crossdomain.xml response is returned for Flash usage.
  • Valid CORS headers are returned for JavaScript usage.


There are three different URLs for accessing the service. All three output formats respond correctly to GET and HEAD requests. The examples below are just the GET requests.

Note: The time reference is available via both http and https.

Unix time - Returns the edge server’s current time in Unix time.

$ curl -i


ISO format - Returns the Edge Server’s current time stamp in ISO 8601 format.

$ curl -i


XML Format - Returns the Edge Server’s current time as an XML document in both Unix time and as ISO 8601 formats. It includes the RTT between the client and server.

$ curl -i