Cloudlets are extensions to your Akamai solution that solve specific business or operational challenges. By offloading decisions to the Akamai Edge, customers gain flexibility, resource offload, and control.

About Cloudlets


  • are add-on applications that enhance your use of Akamai solutions by providing advanced functionality.
  • bring specific functionality to the Edge of the Akamai platform, resulting in fewer requests to origin.
  • are self-serviceable. You configure and control a Cloudlet’s behavior via a dedicated OPEN API as well as intuitive user interfaces.
  • help you avoid the costs, in both development time and resources, required to architect and maintain a custom solution in your data center.

Click here for a list of available Cloudlets.

Note: Cloudlets do not replace an origin; they modify the existing request/response flow of your site.

The version 2 Cloudlets OPEN API allows developers to create, modify, activate, and delete Cloudlet policies and to create business logic for your Cloudlet instances. You can use this API with the following Cloudlets:

  • Application Load Balancer (Beta)
  • API Prioritization
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Cloud Marketing (Beta)
  • Cloud Marketing Plus (Beta)
  • Edge Redirector
  • Forward Rewrite
  • Input Validation
  • Phased Release
  • Request Control
  • Visitor Prioritization

Note: If you have the Image Converter Cloudlet, use the Property Manager API to enable the Image Converter behavior.

Version 1 Cloudlets APIs

The following version 1 APIs for Cloudlets have been deprecated:

  • Edge Redirector v1 API
  • Visitor Prioritization v1 API