Confirm the Page Is Optimized

Requesting and verifying you have an optimized page is as easy as opening your web browser, opening your developer tools and navigating to the URL you would like to test. Make sure every time you return to the page, you verify that it is optimized, in case you are communicating with a different Edge host or new transformations are being generated.

Do not “view source”, this initiates a separate request from the browser and may be different from what you see in the browser. It’s recommended that you right click the page and inspect the element in your browser or use a proxy like Fiddler or Charles.

Option 1: Javascript variable set to true

Where: Akamai Staging and Production Networks

All transformed pages have the script var aFeoApplied=true; injected onto the page, if, and only if FEO has been applied.

Option 2: Simple Optimized Indicator (Akamai Staging and Production Networks)

Where: Akamai Staging and Production Networks

The resources (images, CSS and/or JS) will be renamed and served from a different domain than normal. This can typically be seen in the network view of your HTTP Proxy or Browser’s Developer Tools. Please contact your Akamai project manager to identify the FEO resource delivery shards.

Option 3: Page Title Indicating Transformations

Where: Akamai Staging Network

The page title will start with be changed to indicate ‘Optimized:’ when the content is being transformed. This change will not be seen when it is moved to the Akamai Production Network, as it is a behavior native to the Akamai staging network.

Option 4: Advanced Optimized Indicator

Where: Akamai Staging and Production Networks

Using the HTTP Proxy or the Developer Tools for your browser, view the HTTP response headers for the base page that you requested. The particular header we are interested in is the X-Akamai-FEO-State header. This header has a few different values, with the most important listed below. Note, on the Akamai Production Network, you must send the Pragma: akamai-x-feo-trace header for these to appear.

  • X-Akamai-FEO-State: TRANSFORMING. The page is being optimized!
  • The NEED_CONFIG, TRANSFORMING_NOOP and NEED_TRANSFORMATIONS are also valid values, it indicates the different transformation stages.