Disabling Front End Optimization

Disabling front end optimization can occur for a variety of reasons.

  • A new version of the site may have the optimizations built in
  • The property may have been migrated to a different configuration
  • An issue may have occured resulting in the desire to temporarily suspend optimizations.

Disabling FEO is simple and can be performed quite quickly, however, if a concern is raised with regards to Front End Optimization, you may wish to disable only the affected policy/page type so that performance enhancements on the unaffected pages can still take place.

Capturing the issue information

In the event of an issue with Front End Optimization, it is suggested that the following steps be performed, if time permits

  • Take a screenshot of the issue
  • Save a copy of the page source
  • If errors are present on the browser console, copy them to email
  • A copy of the request/response headers
  • Provide the above information to Akamai Support

Disabling Front End Optimization

While Akamai Support or your Akamai account teams can disable Front End optimization, your organization also has this ability. A resource within your organization will perform the following steps

  • Log into Luna http://control.akamai.com/
  • Navigate to the affected property
    • Clicking the orange box on the top left provides a search capability
  • Click Configure from the main menu
    • Select Front End Optimization
  • Click the Actions button, beside the current version in Akamai production and select Deactivate.
  • Complete the notification screen and submit the request. After completing these steps you will receive a notification when Front End Optimization has been deactivated.