Akamai’s SaaS Provider Option enables SaaS Providers to leverage the performance and reliability capabilities of Akamai’s Cloud-Based Application Delivery Platform in way that is specifically designed for the unique business and architectural requirements of SaaS Providers.

Akamai’s SaaS Provider Option offers:

  • Faster Provisioning: enables SaaS Providers to streamline the onboarding of new customers via APIs and easily scale secure domain use across their customer base.
  • Granular Reporting: enables SaaS Providers to gain deep visibility and insights into each of their customer’s experience.
  • Aligned Billing: introduces a first-of-its-kind user-based billing model, an optional unit of measure, which enables SaaS Providers to align their consumption of Akamai’s Web Performance Solutions with their user-based business model.

Note: The SaaS Provider Option is currently available for the Alta, Ion, and Web Application Accelerator (WAA) product lines.

The SaaS Provider Option uses the following APIs:

API Used to…
SaaS Registration specify IDs for your SaaS applications and customers, as well as application/customer pairings.
Secure Domain Provisioning provide a secure method for provisioning certificates and Edge hostnames for your SaaS implementation.

With this API, you can also, in an automated fashion, associate an existing SSL certificate with the secure vanity domain for that SaaS customer.

This API is powered by the Secure Provisioning Service (SPS).
Secure Domain Activation add, modify, and activate your Akamai properties and their component rules and hostnames.

This API is powered by the Property Manager API.
SaaS IP/Geo Blocking manage policies and SaaS access rules based upon IP address and/or geographic location.