Akamai Libraries

Akamai OPEN Edgegrid API Clients

An EdgeGrid API Client is the conduit between your application and the Akamai Intelligent Platform. We have created a collection of open-source, reference client implementations to help get you started:



Command-line (httpie-edgegrid) httpie-edgegrid is an httpie plugin for EdgeGrid authentication. httpie-edgegrid is the recommended command line utility for making calls to our APIs.
Command-line (egcurl) The egcurl script is a Python-based EdgeGrid Client Authentication wrapper around curl to make API calls from the command line.
Java Java library for EdgeGrid Client Authentication. Provides a client independent implement as well as concrete implementations for REST-assured and Google HTTP Client Library for Java integration.
Node.js This library implements an authentication handler for the Akamai EdgeGrid Authentication scheme for Node.js.
Perl This library implements the Akamai Edgegrid Authentication scheme in Perl using LWP
PHP This library provides a Guzzle-based client that transparently implements the Authentication scheme for PHP 5.5+. For PHP 5.3+ we also provide a standalone signing library.
PowerShell Akamai EdgeGrid PowerShell authorization wrapper.
Python This library implements an Akamai EdgeGrid Authentication scheme handler for the Requests library.
Ruby This library implements the Akamai EdgeGrid Authentication scheme for the Ruby net/http library.


Akamai Open Source Ecosystem

Akamai is proud to support an ecosystem of open source resources that make using the OPEN Platform easier for everyone. The following resources are maintained by third-party developers, who we thank for their contributions:

Code Description
python-ccuapi A Python wrapper for the Akamai CCU REST API.


Other Resources

Looking for a reference client in another language? 

The Akamai API Developer Community has got your back! Check out the ecosystem of contributed OPEN Client implementations on GitHub.

Looking for more?

Akamai also releases Open Source tools, SDKs, and sample applications in the Akamai GitHub repository.


Build Your Own

Want to get going right away on your own client? There are a few quick concepts you’ll want to know before getting started:

Concept Description
API Identity Model Get ready to build a cool client using a modern security model.
Luna Control Center Provisioning Have all the identity fundamentals down? Lets get you some keys!
API Client Authentication Assemble your RESTful request, sign it, then send it on its way. Now you’re ready to consume our APIs to program the next generation of web applications.