Media Delivery

Media Delivery

Adaptive Media Delivery

Adaptive Media Delivery is an HTTP-based video streaming solution optimized for live and VOD Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming to provide high-quality viewing experiences across a variety of networks and device types. Adaptive Media Delivery offers a 100% availability SLA, IPv6 support, token authentication, access control, site failover, and much more in four formats: HTTP live streaming, HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS), Microsoft Smooth Streaming, and MPEG-DASH.

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Download Delivery

Download Delivery delivers large (>100 MB) file-based content over the Internet. It is built on the globally distributed Akamai intelligent edge platform for superior capacity, scalability, availability, and performance. It provides clear, comprehensive metrics and optional tools that can monitor and manage the entire download process across your customer base. Download Delivery ensures a predictable, high-quality download experience while helping you address your online distribution goals.

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Akamai's NetStorage solution provides petabytes of storage space in Akamai data centers, automatically replicating the data all over the world to provide the fastest, most reliable origin-transfer times possible. An essential element to scaling Akamai’s media delivery solutions is an origin storage solution that is optimized for fast, reliable transfers. NetStorage is designed to operate in concert with Akamai’s delivery capabilities to specifically provide the highest performance and uptime possible for your online delivery applications.

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Media Services Live

Akamai’s Media Services Live lets your users view near-real-time audio and video content with media players such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, and Apple iPhone technologies. It’s specifically designed to meet the challenges of 24/7 live linear broadcasts online, delivering secure and reliable transport of content with minimal delays.

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Media Analytics

Media Analytics is a comprehensive SaaS video analytics solution designed to highlight key drivers of audience behavior for superior decision-making. Media Analytics has three modules (Audience Analytics, Quality of Service (QoS) Monitor, and Viewer Diagnostics) that can be used to gain a complete view of your digital audience: 

  • Audience Analytics provides information on quality, content types and audience, and is designed to show trends in viewing habits.
  • The QoS Monitor provides real-time visibility into the true quality of video streaming that the audience is experiencing.
  • Viewer Diagnostics captures the media content engagement and content delivery for an individual viewer.

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Broadcast Operations Control Center (BOCC)

Broadcast Operations Control Center (BOCC) is designed to maintain and improve the quality, reliability, and availability of your media streams. It is a managed solution for customers looking to offload (or supplement) proactive monitoring, alerting, live support, and mitigation for their OTT video streams to Akamai media experts.

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Adaptive Media Player

The Akamai Adaptive Media Player (AMP) is designed to empower content providers by simplifying their player operations and ensuring quality online media playback for web or app-based streaming experiences. In addition to optimizing the bitrate playback algorithms, AMP's integrated stream protection, analytics, integration, and closed-caption support allow easy adoption of additional online media services without the headaches of staying on top of the shifts in this rapidly changing technology landscape.

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