Mobile App Performance SDK

Mobile App Performance SDK


The Akamai Mobile App Performance (MAP) SDK helps you build the best possible mobile experience for your Android and iOS users. The SDK effectively extends Akamai's intelligent edge platform all the way to the mobile device, allowing developers to customize and deliver superior app experiences using caching, network awareness, and last-mile optimization technologies.

Mobile App Performance SDK helps create seamless mobile experiences when connection speeds are slow (or even unavailable) by intelligently pre-positioning content on the mobile device. The SDK also provides you with network performance statistics from real user app usage, time to first byte, and total download time for requests (e.g., APIs, images, etc.) by domains. In addition, MAP SDK helps create custom events to ensure that your most important app features are not impacted by network latency. These features allow developers to not only achieve and maintain peak app performance but also to tune mobile experiences over time.

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