New Relic

Track Performance With The Akamai New Relic Integration

The New Relic integration helps you monitor your apps with digital experience monitoring, application discovery, tracing, and diagnostics, and application analytics.  

This integration provides DevOps teams with data about the health and performance of the ever-growing number of containers and VMs that make up our websites and applications.

This data is often only shown by a UI, but with the New Relic integration, DevOps teams can integrate New Relic with Akamai’s Global Traffic Management (GTM) using Akamai APIs. The New Relic easily integrates with Akamai Global Traffic Management to allow organizations to dynamically produce load feedback for traffic management.

Use Cases

Improve Traffic Management

Distribute your traffic based current conditions.

Optimize Load Balancing

Prevent overload by automatically shifting traffic based on load capacity.

Configure Alerts for CPU and Network Thresholds

Easily get notified when conditions reach threshold.

Get Notifications for Application Errors

Keep you and your team aware of errors as soon as they occur.

Configure Triggers to Adjust Traffic Management Policies

Programmatically adjust traffic based on triggers.

Global Traffic Management (GTM) Features

Global Traffic Management 

Global Traffic Management provides above the data center traffic management for any protocol to any endpoint. GTM can help manage services such as API and cloud services. 


GTM Performance with Load Feedback Properties

GTM provides options to determine how to route traffic. Some routing schemes are relatively basic such as Mirror Failover. Others such as Performance with Load Feedback allow monitoring applications to post data center conditions into a traffic management algorithm that considers many attributes when deciding how to respond to requests.


Global Traffic Management Configuration API

The configuration API provides full administrative control over settings via a REST API. The entire routing logic is represented as a simple JSON object. 


Global Traffic Management Load Feedback API

The load feedback API provides a resource for a monitoring application to post data center current, target and capacity metrics into GTM. 


Custom Liveness Tests

Custom liveness tests allow for response string matching that signals to GTM whether to include or exclude a server from routing consideration. 


Unconstrained Capacity

There’s no need to plan for traffic spikes, count DNS queries, or scale anything up or down. Akamai’s global DNS infrastructure scales automatically. 


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