Test Center

Get Started with Test Center

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  1. Log into Akamai's Control Center at control.akamai.com.
  2. From the main menu, click Properties.
  3. Under the Property Manager section, click Test Center.
  4. Configure a test run. 
  5. Run the tests and view the results.
  6. Accept the differences.

For details on how to configure a test run, see the Test a configuration change overview in the Test Center documentation.

Automate Testing Using the Test Center API

You can access Test Center using the Test Center API, which allows you to integrate Test Center into your automated test and DevOps workflows. The Test Center API lets you do the following:

Run a Comparative Test

  1.  Create a new test definition.
  2. Create comparative test cases for the created test definition.
  3. Submit a test run.
  4. When the test run is complete, list differences.
  5. Click on View Details.
  6. Accept differences that are the result of the configuration changes and were expected. Investigate unexpected diffs. 

Run a Functional Test

  1. Create a new test requirement or add a config version.
  2. Create a new test suite.
  3. Create functional test cases for the created test suite.

    • Create a test request.
    • Create a condition.
    • Select a client profile.
  4. Associate the new test suite with the requirement or config version.
  5. Submit a test run ( Execute a requirement/config version/test suite/test cases).
  6. When the test run is complete, view the result of the test run.

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