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Akamai CLI

Automate the creation, configuration, and activation of property configurations, purge your content from the Edge in five seconds or less, create your own custom commands, and use our package manager to make it easy to update and install new tools. The Akamai command-line interface (CLI) is a compelling toolkit that allows you to do all of these things. For those using DevOps, the CLI clarifies the integration of Akamai into your existing CI/CD automation.
Discover the Capabilities of the Akamai CLI


If you’re a web developer or involved in DevOps, you probably have to deal with several API systems daily. HTTPie allows you to easily explore APIs before you decide if it’s worth it to spend the effort to code a client using languages like Python, Ruby, Go, etc.
Easily Explore APIs with HTTPie



Adaptive Media Player SDK

The Adaptive Media Player (AMP) SDK provides a simple way to insert a quality media playback experience in your web, iOS/tvOS, and Android applications. Whether you are building out your OTT service or offering an enterprise webcasting application, Akamai AMP provides a single component that pre-integrates playback, acceleration, monetization, and analytics to ensure a reliably fast, and high-quality deployment, greatly reducing your work.
Improve Playback Experiences with Adaptive Media Player SDK

Bot Manager Premier SDK

The Bot Manager Premier SDK automatically detects traffic generated by robots (bots) on websites using Akamai's tested strategies and applies it to protect native mobile application APIs. The Akamai Bot Manager Premier software development kit (BMP SDK) takes the fundamental technology of Akamai Bot Manager and applies it to native mobile apps--collecting behavioral data while the user is interacting with the application.
Protect Native Mobile Application APIs with Bot Manager Premier SDK

Media Acceleration SDK

We took the Infinite Media Acceleration SDK and added VOD and Download use cases. This SDK embraces standards-based technology in an effort to reach more devices. It can also fully integrate with Akamai, and includes configuration and self-service mechanisms. This SDK will be offered as a feature of Adaptive Media Delivery, Download Delivery, and Media Services On Demand. Akamai Media Acceleration SDK is designed to enhance user viewing experiences for over-the-top (OTT) video, accelerate video games, and improve other software downloads—all via standards-based technology for optimal device coverage.
Reach More Devices with the Media Acceleration SDK

Mobile App Performance SDK

Akamai’s Mobile Application Performance (MAP) SDK enables app owners and developers to understand the causes of mobile application latency and to optimize and accelerate their app’s API and image requests over the Akamai Intelligent Platform. This SDK effectively extends Akamai's intelligent edge platform to your mobile device, so you can customize and deliver instant app experiences based on network-awareness, and more.
Customize Instant App Experiences with Mobile App Performance SDK




With SIEM Integration, Kona Site Defender customers can use out-of-the-box connectors for Splunk and CEF Syslog, and customers with other SIEM tools can use the SIEM API to capture security events generated on the Akamai platform.
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Add dynamic, repeatable, transparent automation to your existing infrastructure. The Akamai Provider for Terraform is an integration that covers Property Manager (PAPI), Fast DNS, Cloudlets, and Global Traffic Management (GTM) with the Certificate Provisioning System (CPS).
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The Akamai for WordPress plug-in will automatically purge the cache using the new Fast Purge feature whenever you create or update a post. It also allows you to automate your publishing flow to maximize performance and offload without compromising freshness.
Automate your Publishing Flow With the Akamai-WordPress Integration




We've created a collection of open source, reference client implementations to help get you started. Check them out on our page below.

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