Adaptive Media Player SDK

The Adaptive Media Player (AMP) SDKs provide a simple way to insert a quality media playback experience in your web, iOS/tvOS, and Android applications. Whether you are building out your OTT service or offering an enterprise webcasting application, Akamai AMP provides a single component that pre-integrates playback, acceleration, monetization and analytics to ensure a fast, reliable, quality deployment, greatly reducing the work for your developers. This includes the instrumentation of Akamai components such as Media Analytics and Infinite Acceleration and third-party components from Nielsen, Comscore, Adobe, Google, Freewheel and more. AMP is iterated at a fast-pace, driven both by customer and industry requirements. Additionally, the AMP service includes high-touch integration assistance and support from a dedicated services team for no additional cost.

Please contact your account team for more information on accessing these SDKs.

AMP - Web (Standard, Premier)
AMP - Devices (Standard, Premier)
AMP - Devices (Standard, Premier)