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Akamai Adaptive Media Player is a media player for Android and Android TV

Akamai’s Android AMP SDK is a multimedia playback component for native Android applications, with the following features:

Formats supported

  • HLS
  • MPEG-Dash
  • SmoothStreaming
  • PMD (mp4, mp3, 3gp, others)


  • Easy integration.
  • Simple API for playback control.
  • Plays Video-On-Demand [VOD], live streams and PMD videos.
  • Renders multi bit-rate and single bit-rate content (adaptive playback).
  • Support for DVR and seeking for live streaming.
  • Support for audio-only playback in background (Radio applications).
  • Built-in support for secure streaming.
  • AES content encryption.
  • Token authentication support.
  • DRM support.
  • Auto-recovery funtionality, custom playback rate and pitch rate configuration.
  • Support of Media Analytics from Akamai Media Player configuration files.
  • Support for WebVTT, TTML and EIA-608 closed captions.
  • Support for progressive media downloads (MP4 format) for advertisement.
  • Support fo ChromeCast.
  • Supports FireTV and AndroidTV.
  • Contains 360 Module.
  • Thumbnails Support in VTT track files.
  • Supported devices follow Exo Player specifications. Minimun Android OS 4.4


Is already integrated with the following third party plugins:

  • Google DoubleClick for Published (DFP) – Advertisement
  • Google ChromeCast device
  • Supports almost any Android device in the market running Android 4.4 minimum
  • Support for multiple Analytics Providers.
  • Support for multiple Ads Provider
Android SDK API Reference

Organized by resource type. Each resource type has one or more data representations and one or more methods.

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Developer Guide

Developers will use this guide as an outline to extension components and abilities to integrate the Android SDK into the app.

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