Bot Manager Premier SDK

Bot Manager Premier


The Akamai Bot Manager Premier software development kit (BMP SDK) takes the fundamental technology of Akamai Bot Manager and applies it to native mobile apps. The BMP SDK collects behavioral data while the user is interacting with the application. This behavioral data, also known as sensor data, includes the device characteristics, device orientation, accelerometer data, touch events, etc. Akamai BMP SDK provides a simple API to detect bot activities and defend against malicious bot and account takeover.

Note: This SDK is an optional add-on to Akamai Bot Manager Premier. If you'd like to add it, contact your Akamai account rep.

Bot Manager request workflow diagram


Integrate the BMP SDK Into Your Mobile App

Before you can start mitigating bot traffic, you need to integrate the SDK in your mobile app, configure Bot Manager Premier, and then monitor traffic so you can have actionable intelligence.

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