Media Acceleration SDK


Akamai Media Acceleration SDK is designed to improve viewing experiences for over-the-top (OTT) video, accelerate video games, and improve other software downloads, all via standards-based technology for optimal device coverage. The SDK is integrated with Akamai media delivery products and the Akamai Luna Control Center portal, and also supports self-service integration. It’s available as a feature of Adaptive Media Delivery, Download Delivery, Media Services Live, and Media Services On Demand.

We are currently seeking participants for the Media Acceleration beta program. Participants will receive access to review the new Media Acceleration features and will have the opportunity to share their feedback with the development team.

Interested in seeing a demo? 
Visit the Media Acceleration demo pages that also contains integration instructions.



MA 2.0 SDK Downloads

Title Version  Platform  
JavaScript SDK 2.7.1 Javascript Download



Our documentation guides you through the steps required to enable the Media Acceleration SDK for your media players. 

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Infinite Media Acceleration SDK

The Infinite Media Acceleration SDK helps media customers meet rising consumer expectations for online media by enabling the delivery of broadcast quality video over broadband at scale. The SDK increases the quality and end-user experience of live streams and utilizes efficiency technologies to assist operators in managing the load of traffic on their last-mile networks.


Title Platform  
iOS SDK iOS Download
Android SDK Android Download
Windows SDK Windows Download