Test Center

Test Your Config Changes Before You Deploy

Your web properties are mission-critical for your business, yet every configuration change has the potential to break them. 

Test Center is a new and automated testing tool that customers, partners, and Akamai internal users, can use to either unit test or regression test their changes. Its goal is to reduce the number of issues attributable to misconfiguration and insufficient testing and increase user confidence in the safety and correctness of their changes.

Test Center 1.0 (GA) introduced “comparative testing”, thereby increased user confidence in the safety of their configuration changes by enabling  them to compare production vs pre-production handling of requests, thereby warning them for any unexpected behavior.  

We have since improved Test Center in the latest version - Test Center 2.0 (GA) has now introduced “functional testing” which will additionally increase user confidence in the correctness of their configuration changes by enabling them to verify expected values.
Note: Test Center is a contract-aware application and it can be used with only Property Manager supported delivery products. It was designed as an addition to your existing tests and workflows, and not as their replacement.

Key Benefits

Test config changes in real time

Compare the behavior of a live site with one that has your new configuration changes.

Seamless integration

Test center is integrated with Akamai Property Manager to make it easy to test the configuration before it’s live.

View insightful reports

For any given test run, you can view the progress, results, individual test details, and recent activities.

Configure stateful test suites

Maintain browser cookies between the test cases and reorder the sequence of execution for functional test cases.

DevOps friendly

The Test Center API is available for DevOps customers to integrate into their existing CI/CD pipeline.

When To Use Test Center

Test Center is primarily designed with the Property Manager use case in mind, but it also works for testing changes to other types of configurations, as long as the main delivery configuration is in Akamai Property Manager.A good way to explain how Test Center can fit within your own testing is to look at a typical workflow.


workflow diagram


How To Use Test Center

Test Center is used to perform functional testing and comparative testing before activating a configuration change in production.

Comparative Testing

With comparative testing, you can compare how a hostname will be delivered after changes are applied with how it is currently delivered to end users to see if there are any unexpected differences that may indicate a problem.

Get started with comparative testing

Functional Testing

With functional testing, you can assert expected conditions to positively confirm that a new business requirement or config version will behave as intended.

Test center helps you perform functional testing for following use cases:

  • Execute a single object. 
  • Test whether changes work on the previous configuration version. 
  • Test whether implemented configuration changes meet your business needs.

Get started with functional testing

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