mPulse SDK

mPulse SDK


Akamai mPulse is a real user monitoring (RUM) solution that enables app developers, owners, admins, and performance engineers to easily track and measure mobile app performance problems and discover optimization opportunities that traditional testing methods can’t unveil. With mPulse, you gain actionable insights on how elements such as third-party resources, user interactions, and visual progress are impacting your application delivery and the end-user experience.

The mPulse SDK lets you automatically instrument all network requests from your app, and send Custom Metric and Custom Timer beacons to mPulse reporting dashboards just as you would with Boomerang tags. For each beacon, you can set the View Group, A/B test, and Custom Dimensions.

The mPulse SDK automatically monitors all network activity performed by the application and its libraries. Each network request can be monitored individually, and its performance data can be sent on a beacon.

Alternatively, we strongly recommend using Actions, which are distinct user interactions such as app view loads. When using Actions, All network requests during the Action will be included on the Action beacon’s Waterfall. For example, JSON, images and 3rd party tags will be tracked under a single action, which is how real user data for your websites is presented. In addition to making your performance data easier to read and analyze, Actions are more efficient and less expensive because fewer beacons are sent to your mPulse dashboards. 

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