mPulse SDK - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  •  Why do I need the mPulse SDK?

    • mPulse SDK makes it easy and possible for mobile app developers to collect app and business performance metrics and showcase them on the mPulse dashboard to monitor and enhance end user’s app experience.


  • Does mPulse SDK generate a beacon for every network request?

    • Our network monitoring functionality is more aggressive and granular which does generate a beacon for every app network request. However, we also have “App Actions” with mPulse SDK which allows you to package multiple network requests in a single beacon.


  • Does mPulse SDK capture traffic from other SDKs and third party libraries in my mobile application?

    • mPulse SDK is designed to automatically intercept HttpUrl requests. You would need to add an additional wrapper to enable monitoring of network requests generated from commonly used image and network libraries on both Android and iOS.


  • How do I disable all beacons generated by mPulse SDK?

    • mPulse Home Page -> Your app -> Beacons tab -> Enable “Suspend Beacons” and save changes

Disable mPulse SDK beacon


  • How can I disable network monitoring?

    • mPulse Home Page -> Your app -> URLs tab -> Set “Capture Request” to “None”

      Disable network beacons


    • This can also be done through code within your mPulse SDK integration.

      • Note: API method to disable using code disableNetworkMonitoring will always take precedence over portal configuration.


iOS Objective-C

[[MPulse sharedInstance] disableNetworkMonitoring];

iOS Swift



MPulse mPulse = MPulse.sharedInstance();

Note: disableNetworkMonitoring written in code will override setting on Soasta Portal


  • What is the size of the mPulse SDK?

    • Please check our integration guides for both Android and iOS to understand the latest sizes.

  • Does mPulse SDK have support for Hybrid apps ?

    • Yes, we do support ReactNative and Cordova and the documentation for the same can be found for both iOS and Android at the mPulse SDK Homepage.


  • What is the maximum number of Timers, Metrics and Dimensions can be configured?

    • Maximum number of Timers, Metrics and Dimensions is 10.


  • How to find if my app integrated with mPulse SDK is sending beacons to mPulse?

    • You can verify this using the device logs from the console. A line like the one shared below confirms that two beacons were dispatched to the mPulse servers:

      • "[mPulse] Successfully sent 2 beacon(s) to the server."

    • This confirms that two beacons were sent successfully to mPulse servers.

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