Web Performance

Web Performance


Akamai EdgeWorkers enables developers to run JavaScript at the Edge to customize web traffic, rather than using origin servers. Developers can  can quickly create functions and deploy them across the entire, globally distributed, Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform, while ensuring robust scalability and performance, and accelerating development and deployment times. 

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Image & Video Manager

Akamai & Video Image Manager automates the optimization of your website assets—whether images or short videos (up to five minutes in length)—by creating and delivering any variant you need at the optimal file weight, format, and resolution based on the end user’s environment.

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Ion, Akamai’s flagship performance solution, is a suite of intelligent performance optimizations and controls that helps deliver superior web, iOS, and Android app experiences. Built on the SLA-backed availability of the globally distributed Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform™, Ion continuously monitors real user behavior, applying best-practice performance optimizations automatically and adapting in real time to content, user behavior, and connectivity changes.

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Dynamic Site Accelerator

Built on the SLA-backed availability of Akamai’s globally distributed intelligent edge platform, Dynamic Site Accelerator (DSA) provides improved reliability, offload, and network performance over your original web infrastructure while handling the specific requirements of dynamically generated content—without a costly hardware build-out. DSA accelerates and secures websites, helping you scale immediately and easily meet sudden spikes like holiday shopping or flash sales.

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mPulse, Akamai's universal, intelligent Real User Measurement (RUM) solution, monitors and fixes website and application performance issues and improves user experience. mPulse technology and data science have the capabilities for detailed performance and advanced error analysis, and it correlates them directly to business metrics like conversions, page views, and revenue. Take mPulse for a test run with our free trial

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API Gateway

APIs are crucial for enabling new customer-focused business models. Akamai API Gateway provides a single entry point for all API consumers and governs all API traffic. The Akamai Intelligent Platform provides API Gateway functionality that maximizes scalability and reliability while enabling you to push governance, authentication, and authorization to the edge.

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CloudTest provides testing capabilities for web and mobile apps, APIs, databases, and web services. Real-time analytics and customizable dashboards provide actionable intelligence, allowing for root-cause analysis and more effective solutions. Take a test run with our free trial.

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Global Traffic Management

Global Traffic Management helps internet users access your website or IP applications with greater reliability. It applies an internet-centric approach to global load balancing to increase site availability and responsiveness to online user requests. Unlike traditional hardware-based solutions that reside within data centers, the fault-tolerant Global Traffic Management service makes intelligent routing decisions. These are based on real-time data, center performance health, and global internet conditions. They transport user requests to the appropriate data center based on the best internet route for that user at that moment.

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Akamai Cloudlet applications allow developers to easily deploy application logic at the edge, which means you don’t have to build or maintain this logic at scale. The applications provide a wide range of capabilities which extend functionality, decrease latency, and simplify your web operations as decisions are offloaded to the edge.

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Akamai DataStream captures all interactions between Akamai edge servers, end users, and origin servers (collectively known as the “middle mile”) as logs; these logs are then aggregated and made available to developers and app owners through APIs.

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