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Core Features

Property Manager

Akamai Property Manager allows you to manage how Akamai Edge servers process requests, responses, and objects served over the Akamai Intelligent Platform. A distributed property configuration encapsulates all the rules for how to process end-user requests for your web assets. This product lets you modify your property configurations and activate them on Akamai staging or production networks, generate properties dynamically, associate them with dynamically generated hostnames, and to create new CP codes to report on your content’s traffic.

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The purge feature invalidates and/or deletes cached content via an API call, the Akamai CLI, or the UI, in a rapid and predictable manner. Purge improves offload and performance for fresh event-driven content. Content purging can be done using individual URLs, content provider codes, or Cache Tags.

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Fast Activation 

Deploy production changes or quick iterative testing with Fast Activation. Within the Property Manager API (PAPI), this tool allows users to dramatically decrease deployment times by propagating configuration changes over Akamai's entire global network in 10 mins or less. Activation notifications enable users to go even faster by sending notifications when a change propagates to preferred regions and to the entire network. It is completely activated by satisfying all safety checks. This way users can test and validate changes in 5 minutes or less. Activations can be kicked off via the UI, and API call, or Akamai CLI.

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Fast Fallback

Fast Fallback allows users to undo configuration changes across Akamai's global network in 4 mins or less, without compromising reliability or availability. Within the Property Manager API (PAPI), Fast Fallback allows users to rapidly iterate changes within their CI/CD pipelines on the Akamai UI or an API call. Fast Fallback is available for an hour after a configuration change goes live. It can be accessed via the UI or API. 

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Certificate Provisioning System

The Certificate Provisioning System allows you to self-provision and manage your SSL and TLS certificates, including cipher selection. It supports all certificate types, including Akamai-managed (DV, OV, and EV) and third-party certificates. It provides full life-cycle management of TLS certificates for your Akamai applications including requesting new certificates, modifying existing certificates, and deleting certificates.

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Akamai APIs

Akamai APIs create another point of entry to the Akamai Intelligent Platform. Using our APIs, you can access and manage our most important tools via API call. 

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Diagnostic Tools

Akamai’s diagnostic tools help debug networks, services, and address streaming issues. These tools verify whether or not IP addresses belongs to Akamai, obtain DNS details for the location of Edge server hostnames, test network connectivity, translate Akamai URLs or error strings, gather information about HTTP requests, and view Edge server logs.


Test Center

A testing tool designed to make testing configurations easier and safer. Quickly test configuration changes directly from the browser by making both production and pre-production requests to the same URL, and only keep the changes you want.

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The Reporting API provides a wide range of reports and allows you to retrieve data in a range of intervals, from five minutes to monthly, depending on the time period and type of data you want to view. Support for specific intervals, filters, and metrics may vary by report type.

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The Alerts tool provides automatic, real-time notifications for changes in your origin infrastructure and information delivery patterns. Using intelligent algorithms, this tool compares projected traffic with actual traffic in real time and includes static alerts based on thresholds you set. By taking into consideration accurate traffic patterns modeled on historical data rather than on static threshold, it reliably triggers adaptive web alerts when current audience metrics go above or below projected traffic.

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Develop your own tools to visualize and track how your site is being used with Akamai's Billing API. A range of data is available, including the number of hits, megabytes served, and transmission speed. You can also use the API to compare usage data with your billing invoice.

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