Akamai Developer World Tour


Yes, we're back.

Are you ready? Mark your calendars and bring your laptops for the return of the Akamai Developer World Tour. It's a day of deep technical sessions, use cases, and networking with technical experts and peers.
This tour, which begins in early October, is entitled "Everything at the Edge," so you can probably guess what we'll be covering. We’ll start the day with an overview of what’s new with Akamai for DevOps to help you leverage the Edge and automate your workflow. After that, we’ll dive into a series of hands-on exercises, demos, and discussions to get you more familiar with our products and tools and how they can help you in four areas:

  • Infrastructure at the Edge
  • Testing at the Edge
  • Logic at the Edge
  • Security at the Edge

Now just choose a city below and let’s get this party started.

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