Adaptive Media Player SDK

Adaptive Media Player SDK


The Adaptive Media Player (AMP) SDK provides a simple way to insert a quality media playback experience in your web, iOS/tvOS, and Android applications. Whether you're building out your OTT service or offering an enterprise webcasting application, the AMP SDK provides a single component that pre-integrates playback, acceleration, monetization, and analytics to ensure a fast, reliable, quality deployment that greatly reduces the work for developers.

The SDK includes Akamai components like Media Analytics and Infinite Media Acceleration, as well as third-party components from Nielsen, Comscore, Adobe, Google, Freewheel and more. The AMP service includes high-touch integration assistance and support from a dedicated services team at no additional cost.

Please contact your account team for more information.


  • Leverage a team of media experts to ensure your online media player deployment goes smoothly.
  • Unified media playback experience across platforms: HTML5, Flash, iOS, and Android.
  • Access to player APIs ensure a unified media viewing experience across multiple devices.
  • Seamless integration with leading analytics and advertising solutions - including Google (DoubleClick), Freewheel, Comscore, Nielsen, Akamai, and more.
  • Logical extension to the Akamai Media Delivery Solutions workflow.

Key Features

  • Align Metrics to Customers – monitor and stay on top of all the key indicators that directly impact your daily business performance.
  • Dimension level drill down – use the many dimensions and metrics offered by Media Reports to quickly drill down and discover major trends and engagement levels by your audience.
  • API Access – access your data with an API to use in any other desired user-interface (UI).
  • Intuitive and easy UI – manage and track your data using an upgraded dashboard that features easy downloads to PDF formats and recurring email setup.
  • Custom data fields – customize your data in ways that allow you to easily access and share metrics that matter to your business.

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AMP - Devices (Standard, Premier)

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